Some neutral resistance cupboards of voltage transformer

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1. Products summary

Distribution system some neutral places connecting type do not usually click grounding, neutral some neutrally by earthing resistance and click neutrally through subdueing earthing the arc coil. Various places connecting type are different, occupation modes are different too. With the development of national economy, a lot of city distribution network has already changed the situation relying mainly on impracticable circuit of the past, but take cable circuit as the core, meanwhile, some new apparatuses, if increasingly extensive application such as compact closed switch cupboard SF6, handing in and uniting polyethylene cable and oxidizing the zinc arrester, this not connecting place type some effectively so as to continue to use originally is not applicable. So, how some neutral earthing arrangement of effective economy becomes the focal point of work of supplying power at present.

At present, already much distribution network have clicked and adopted the operation way by earthing resistance neutrally in China. Install neutral some earth resistance behind the cupboard, when taking place non- metalline earthing, connect into the intersection of place and influence of resistance, flow through, connect place metalline earthing lower notably occasionally compared with neutral electric current that clicks, meanwhile, perfect the looks voltage and rise and reduce notably too, a preface voltage value is about earth half of single-phase metallicity. Therefore, it adopt it is neutral some earthing through resistance,can temporarily attitude overvoltage, lasting arc lighting to last overvoltage and some voltages harmonic when be lasted earthings single-phase, and can adopt simple continuing the electric protector and choosing the trouble circuit rapidly, excise the trouble point.

Auspicious photoelectric Science Technologies Co., Ltd. of Baoding Ming has research and development team and superior apparatus with outstanding technology, specialize in research and development, produce, sell and services of some neutral earthing serial products of distribution system. Some neutral earth resistance cupboards of voltage transformer developed and produced are suitable for 6~35kV urban distribution network relying mainly on cable circuit, important electric user's distribution network and factory's power consuming system of the power plant such as the large-scale industrial enterprise, factory, airport, port, subway.

2. Carry out the standard

The design of this product meets the following standards:

Some neutral earthing resistors of DL/780-2001 distribution system

GB6450 dry electric voltage transformer

DL/T620-1997 overvoltage of exchanging electric device protected and insulating and cooperated

GB/T16927-1997 high voltage experimental technique

GB1208-1997 electric current mutual inductor

GB4208-93 outer cover protect grade(IP code)

IEEE32-1972 standard Technology, term and testing of some neutral earthing devices

The insulation of the apparatus of GB311.1-1997 high-pressure power transmission and distribution cooperates

Technological terms of share order of DL/T593-1996 high voltage switchgear

GB50150-1991 electric device installation project electric equipment hands over the experimental standard

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Fig. 1

2.1 products adopt, import stainless steel or China, produce stainless steel the intersection of electric heat and metal material while being high-quality, it is high, with high coefficient of temperature, is able to bear corroding, such fine characteristics as high temperature resistant, anti-oxidant ability is strong, the tensile strength high and hindering value is steady to have conductivity, it is safe and reliable for the products to run.

Fig. 2

2.2 products can be used to press in various in the distribution system too, when the voltage transformer is connected for the angle, can install the independent earthing voltage transformer, some neutral resistance are connected with it and used.

2.3 resistance cupboard hindering value can be from 1 ohm to 2000 ohm, electric current is designed from 1 ampere to 2000 ampere.

2.4 resistance cupboard use outdoor and in the family, cupboard body adopt stainless steel boards or cold-rolled stencil plates gush out, mould, make, able to bear corrosion, it is high to protect the grade.

2.5 products can increase and count the function. Record the earth number of times of the resistance.

Fig. 3

2.6 can install additionally and isolate the switch, it is convenient to overhaul, can also heat the humidity control device.

2.7 can install the intelligent monitoring device additionally, can monitor some neutral uneven electric current, resistance under the cupboard normal running state of the resistance

Slice, the intersection of resistance and temperature in the cupboard, too can monitor, take place single-phase earthing the intersection of trouble and transient electric current and the intersection of record and earthing act number of times, and reserve the interface of communication, can transmit the information measured, recorded to the top management room, make, run personnel in receive information as soon as possible.

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