Press the rejecting machine / liquid crystal maintaining machine

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Function characteristic: The microcomputer controls each movement of complete machine, make equipment performance more steady.The constant temperature type is heated, the double layers insulate against heat to protect, high precision warm accusing of device controls the temperature. The platform is passed in and out and given the material to work, one pair of straight lines bearing is assisted and pressed and connected, guarantee to produce quality. It is systematic to the location to dispose two groups high powerly and enlarge optics to make a video recording, guarantee the products are accurate to the location. Suitable for various LCD and zebra's paper and PCB make up and press and connect and TAB, TCP press and connect.Technical parameter: Operate the mode: Hands / switch automatically Time range: 1-999S production efficiency: 30-85PCS / fen plant the temperature range: The pressure range of 0-399 ¡æ: The minimum interval of 16.6-44kgf products: Greater than the maximum size of 0.1mm products: 7 " CCD enlarges the multiple: 40-120 times of work Rate: 0.3KW electric thermocouple: K type total quality: 50K

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