Cr5Mo alloy pipe, Cr5Mo bearing tube

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Production and sales and acting for to sell into the steel, Baotou steel company, treasure, saddle, smelting, it, weighing apparatus steel,etc., several big steel tube factories, were produced: 10#. 20 #s, 45 #s, 16Mn, 27SiMn, Q 345B.35CrMo, 20Cr, 40mn2, 40crmo.20crmnTi, 10CrMo910 15crmo. 12Cr1MoV.Cr5Mo, 20G, st52, s45c, geology, pipeline, chemical industry, electricity,etc. specialized pipe, carries out the national standard: GB8162-87, GB8163-87 and GB3087-82, GB5310-95, GB6479-86, steel tube; The high-pressure boiler uses the seamless steel pipe; Petroleum cracked tube; Import the alloy steel tube; Alloy seamless steel pipe, bearing steel tube, special welded pipe, helix tube, galvanized pipe, stainless steel tube, titanium alloy pipe, exterior hexagon steel tube, rectangular tube,etc..

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