Heat pipe exchanger of Manufacturing Co., Ltd of the permanent prosperous heat energy apparatus

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Hello, we are the permanent prosperous heat energy apparatus Manufacturing Co., Ltd of Baoding, we supply the heat pipe exchanger. Every heat pipe is that it changes the thermoelement that one is independent, design the requirement on the basis of the user of heat pipe of countless roots to manufacture into certain structural heat transmission equipment with heat pipe exchanger, angry by reaching - -The heat exchange of the liquid, angry - -Angry heat exchange, liquid - -Heat exchange of the liquid. The heat pipe exchanger applies to the fuel boiler and raises 3%~8% of operating efficiency, if lower the flue gas temperature to 180 ¡æ from 230 ¡æ, look on as the flue gas flowrate 6000M3/h, residuum oil is 50 ¡æ of inlet temperature, the flowrate 1700kg/h of residuum oil, heats the residuum oil to 130 ¡æ. The above-mentioned many kinds of heat pipe exchanger products, as the industrial boilers of a kind of energy-saving device or heat all right and many kinds of types of switching device, heat transfer oil stove and corollary use of the industrial kiln.Obey the wishing trader Qi!Contact: The firewood increases prosperous more information to land: http://www.hwrn.cn

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