Able to bear corroding the acidproof liquid to play the pump 20

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The river flies --FSY glass fibre reinforced plastic liquid plays the pump: It is the vertical glass fibre reinforced plastic liquid that plays the centrifugal pump, is used for transporting and does not include solid particle and corrosivity liquid difficult to be crystalline. Mainly solve strongly and corrode mediums and transport the problem. **Can send all kinds of acid mediums, the temperature is not higher than various 100 ¡æ non- oxidizability acid (hydrochloric acid, rare sulfuric acid, first acid, acetic acid, butanoic acid) ,Used in departments such as chemical industry, petrochemical industry, fine chemistry industry, dyestuffs chemical industry, environmental protection, water treatment, medicine, food,etc. extensively. **The characteristic of this pump is vertical structure, the body of pump, impeller part submerge in the liquid, so take up smaller area, the axle is sealed and has not let out the phenomenon, so are suitable for transporting the liquid of corrosivity. Can't transship the conduct instead, the body of pump must be flooded in the liquid while starting. Flow: Cube / hour 5-100, lift is 15-30 meters.

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