Corrugated pipe condenser expansion joint of the compensator

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Our company produces the polymorphous ripple compensator axially type, press-fit type ripple compensator in the axial, matrix ripple compensator, it becomes rusty to be just flexible metal hose, horizontal ripple compensator of the big draw bar, direct-burried type ripple compensator, univesal hinge ripple repaying device, press-fit type ripple compensator axially outside, ripple compensator of the hinge, tube pressure balance ripple compensator of the song, bypass pressure balanced type ripple compensator, the flexible compensator of non metal, figure lock many kinds of products such as equalizing valve, relying on oneself pressure differential controller, relying on oneself equalizing valve, fast emundans device, recoiling filter,etc.. The type, specification are all and complete, hope the masses of users purchase, thank you for cooperation

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