Chemical pipe fitting, compound pipeline, tee, straight cross, the steel moulds the compound pipeline, the centrifugal pump

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Wuxi city leads to the pump valve factory ' ; tel: 0510-83300289)Produce all kinds of steel carbon steel. Stainless steel. The nonferrous metals is waited for Line with and mould propene polymer PP , polyethylene PE , polyvinyl chloride PVC , polyolefin PO , telfon PTFE or F4 Compound pipeline and steel liner mould bend, tee, straight cross, pipe reducer and all kinds of pipeline of shims. Suitable for using to filter the intraductal medium impurity with all kinds of pipelines, guarantee the safe operation of the apparatus in the procedure device, lengthen the life-span, should pay attention to directivity while installing, the tube chooses the seamless steel pipe of national standard. Nominal diameter is DN25- 3000mm, above DN3000, in order to customize. Produce all kinds of at the same time and antisepticize apparatus, tower section, kettle, container,etc., but inner liner PO, F4, F40, but high temperature resistant and strong corrosion. Form a complete set and produce Fluorine alloy centrifugal pump and Fluorine alloy spherical valve, in addition also produce the high-temperature heat conduction oil pump. Its staples is as follows, the steel liner moulds the compound pipeline. Pipe fittings. The steel liner moulds the apparatus, steel liner PO storage tank, storage tank, stores poor, container, tower section, reaction kettle, stiring the pot pan. Centrifugal pump of alloy of Fluorine, Fluorine alloy lining spherical valve, high-temperature heat conduction oil pump, pipeline shim,etc..

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