Chemical pipe fitting, the steel liner moulds the compound pipeline, the bend, antisepticize the spherical valve

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Wuxi city leads to the pump valve factory ' ; tel: 0510-83300289)The steel produced moulds the composite pipe and totally adopts the innovative technology. Mould and line with the flange and adopt heatcure to shape. Pipe fittings (including the bend. Tee. Straight cross. Reducer. Short piecing,etc.) All adopt the whole steel casing. The whole pressing of inner liner plastics is shaped. No plastics are sewn. It is China that initiates. Overcome some plastics (such as totally: PP,etc.) Shortcoming with bad welding property. Make the products more reliable, become the staging regeneration product that Chinese steel moulded the composite pipe. And obtain the national patent. Have offered reliable assurance for spattering and flowing and transporting. Have met users' requirement. Our factory is a professional professional factory producing various corrosion resisting products. Product quality trustworthy enterprise of Wuxi. Wuxi keeps promise. Value reputation. Heavy good faith enterprises. The products are according to I SO9001: organize producing in 2000 quality management systems, it is the Ministry of Chemical Industry, Petro-Chemical Corporation appoints the manufacturer. Produce the specialized factory which antisepticizes the products, it is the Chinese industry that defends association's director's unit of etching technique, anticorrosive pipeline, pump, professional committee's committee member's unit of valve of China. The products passed mechanical scientific and technological assessment of results and provincial new product identification of bureau of industry of Jiangsu Province in 1993, win the gold medal of the high-quality new product in Jiangsu Province. Win the gold medal of China's international fair of 1994.Its staples is as follows, the steel liner moulds the compound pipeline. Pipe fittings. The steel liner moulds the apparatus, steel liner PO storage tank, storage tank, stores poor, container, tower section, reaction kettle, stiring the pot pan. Centrifugal pump of alloy of Fluorine, Fluorine alloy lining spherical valve, high-temperature heat conduction oil pump, pipeline shim,etc.

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