Fmu40 ultrasonic liquid location

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E +H Company is a world-famous transnational group company specializing in industrial automation instrument, the market share of most products of company comes out at the top in the like product, it is one of the leaders of the automatic field of chemical industry in the whole world. Ultrasonic thing location count, utilize supersonic wave reflect the intersection of principle and atmosphere of finding and liquid the intersection of liquid and location or solid the intersection of material and non- contact-type the intersection of thing and location of location measure the instrument in the low-voltage container, can apply to various liquid or solid thing location measurement in industry or civilian department such as chemical industry, electricity, metallurgy, light industry, water treatment extensively, and can measure the flow in the open ditch, weir. 50W1F-UC0A1AK4AAAA, 30 meters 50 W1H-UC0A1AK4AAAA50W80-UC0A1AK 2AAAA80F80-AD2SAACEAAAAFDU 91 - RG2AAFMU231E-AA32FMU40-ARB2A 2FMU41-A RB2A2FMU41-ARH2A2FMU90-R11CA111AA3AFMU90-R11CA212AA3APMC41-GE15H2H11T1PMC41-GE15F2H11T1PMC41-GE11M2H11T1PMC41- GE11M2J11T1PMC41-RE11S2J11T1PMC71-1BA1H2GPAAAPMC71-1BA2F2GPAAAPMC71-1BA2K2GPAAA

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