Insulating resistance tester of the cold generator in ML2678 water

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The introducing detailedly of insulating tester of the cold generator in water

Insulating tester of the cold generator in ML2678 water

First, summary

The insulating tester of the cold generator adopts the advanced microcomputer in order to control the core in ML2678 water, great to reject liquid crystal, reveal Chinese character menu operate, man-machine interface good, have, reveal in real time, high precision measures the insulating resistance, absorptance, polarises the index full-automatically, have very strong interference-free performance. It is carried in the work that the small weight is light.

Second, function and characteristic

n Suitable for the insulating resistance, absorptance (R60s/R15s) of the cold generator while measuring water With polarising the index (R10min/R1min) Test.

n Measuring the voltage DC2500V can be examined and up to insulating resistance of 20,000 trillion.

n Do not need to polarise the electric potential to compensate and regulate water.

n Output power is big, water is hindered when 100K, test falls under high pressure<1%.

n Machine seat and gathering together a resistance of water pipe as little as 10K, can also guarantee to measure accuracy.

n Can reveal R15s, R60s, R10min, accept than automatically ( R60s/R15s) With polarising the index (R10min/R1min)

n The automatic stop is exported under high pressure after measurement.

n Complete protection function, ensure operating safely.

Third, technological condition and index

n Power voltage: Install lithium battery, DC24V inside

n Output voltage: DC2500V ㊣ 10%

n Range: 0M次 20000M次

n Ambient temperature: -10 ⊥~ +40 ⊥

n Environmental humidity: Less than or equal to 75% RH

n Measure the precision: 2M次 is 2000M次 5%
2000M次 is 20000M次 10%

n Voltage line wave: It is tested that the wave content of the voltage line is not greater than 10%

n Measurement way: Real-time measurement, begin to reveal measurement every second; Calculate the absorptance, polarise the index automatically.

n Display mode: 128X64 location liquid crystal reveals the resistance value, absorptance examined, polarises the index. Reveal automatically that tests time.

n Insulating resistance: Insulating resistance 1000M次 between instrument noumenonn and alternating current source elementary lead wire

n The aluminium alloy case, external dimension: 265* 200* 158 Weight: 2 kilograms

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