Plastic welding machine of supersonic wave in Shandong

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Plastic welding machine of supersonic wave (explain and love soldier for melting the meeting at the airport 13167573566 ultrasonic welding machine supersonic wave, PP material, the intersection of ABS and material, cell-phone cover, the intersection of computer and keyboard, the intersection of U and record, the intersection of mobile phone and charger, plastic cards folder, plastic folder, plastic the intersection of toy and ultrasonic cleaning machine (suitable for, wash oily, includes the dust, and slight pollutant can wash plastic parts, machine element) Supersonic wave hot a cock ' Welding equipment) Apply to the welding of the non-woven fabrics, drinking machine Ultrasonic a car welding machine ' Welding equipment)Used the welding of car door, car light, bumper bar, air vent Ultrasonic a filter element special purpose machine ' Welding equipment) Suitable for the air filter Welding of core device, medical filter element device Our company is Taiwanese Nicaragua very ultrasonic Co., Ltd. in the continental direct selling company. Our company sells Machinery and mould the lowest. The same our state-of-the-art after service, the Buddhist nun can develop together bright and serve and strive for first-class Buddhist nun but service aim with users: Satisfy user!
Explain and love army 13167573566

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