Finely the making powder machine

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Name: Finely the making powder machine

Type: ZQCF-F400-ZY
Major application: Rubbery grinder whether a have steel wire rigid rubbery particle of impurity it grinds graininess to to be whether 30-200 the intersection of mesh and meticulous the intersection of glue and rubber of powder finely crush the apparatus 5-15 mesh.

Principle and characteristic: The main electrical machinery drives the basic shaft to operate at a high speed through the driving member, make whom install at moving the intersection of mill and body move mill and install at making the intersection of mill and body mill act as move to shearing definitely, when the transport of the supplies in the feedstock electrical machinery is applied to enter to grind the room, the abrasive blade group finely grinds the supplies in such a manner that cut at a high speed and cut, make its graininess up to 30-200 mesh.
1.Adopt the coaxial mill to kiss the structure, the parallelism of moving the mill and making the mill is high.
2.The power is low, the output high, noise is low, shake small.
3.It is compact and rational, the appearance is esthetic.
4.Adopt the special hard alloy material mill, shock-resistant, hard-wearing, toughness is good; The mill is detachable and convenient, have long performance life.
5.Adopt the cooling structure of built-in circulating water, can reduce the temperature of grinding the room in the working phase effectively, make the colloidal particle not know scorch He to bond in the course of grinding, has raised the life time of operating efficiency and cutting tool greatly.
6.Adopt the automatically controlled method, can follow other correlation parameters, the interval of the automatic mill.

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