Lose the coal switch / leave the coal and in charge of calling the police

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Fail the intersection of coal and switch / fall coal it in charge of warning switches to be design exquisite, it is simple and convenient to install, but also there are paddles of different types, extension poles and sheaths of different length. The high temperature type is able to bear at most warmly can get 400 degrees. Can satisfy the application of user's warning nearly all types to some material location. The voltage that the basic parameter supplies power: AC100/110V 50/60HzAC200/220V 50/60Hz can customize the voltage grade of the need according to the request of user. Install the flange: JIS 5K65A power: 2.5W touches the capacity: 6 A@250 V AC (hindering load) Measure the torsion: Probably 9.8Ncm releases the torsion: Probably 24.5-29.4Ncm rotates every minute: 1R.P.M material: Shell and flange: Aluminium alloy axle and oar slice: SUS-304 seal: Buna N temperature range: The course is the largest in temperature 70C has the greatest ambient temperature 55C largest course pressure: 0-196kPa protects the grade: IP65

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