Ethernet switchboard of technical grade

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Industrial Ethernet switchboard is used for connecting Ethernet apparatus. It receives the data frame sent out by some apparatus at first, then convey these frames to the appropriate switchboard port linked with other Ethernet apparatuses. As it conveys these frames, it will study and know the position of Ethernet apparatus, and convey frames through the way that with what ports the information decide this. This contributes to reducing the working fill of the network. According to an investigation of ARC - -Have involved global industrial Ethernet switchboard market in the industrial Ethernet apparatus' market research, predict its compound annual growth during the following 3 years is 49.9%. Industrial Ethernet 840,000 in apparatus will it be the whole year 2004 ' Taiwan) ,Up to 6,700,000 to 2009 ' Taiwan) . What kind industrial the intersection of Ethernet and switchboard suit your present application of factory most? This is really a thing of making people perplex, because need to consider a great deal of factors, such as the work environment, it is redundant whether to need or not, network management and it is not the network cast, future maintenance and augmentability,etc.. The factor in need of considering is as follows, before choosing The doing in the test amount of the work environment: Including temperature range, EMC electromagnetic compatibility, protection grade, installing way and power,etc.. Industrial Ethernet switchboard is designed not to be fit for environment of the commercial switchboard in those, such as the environment with limiting temperature, high shaking and strong electromagnetic noise.It is not a cast switchboard of the network to choose the network cast: If the network is simpler, the ones that can be chosen and used simultaneously are not the cast switchboard of the network; If for future convenient maintenance, might need, choose the intersection of network and cast, network the intersection of cast and switchboard accomplish circular type topological connection only.Also need to meet the associated industrial standard: For example the marine switchboard should accord with the structural standard of ship; If is the application of the dangerous occasion, should accord with the corresponding authentication standard; Traffic trades such as rail transportation and highway,etc. have one's own standards. Network management and it is not that a key issue when the network cast is choosing an industrial Ethernet switchboard is, it is not a cast switchboard of the network to choose the cast switchboard of the network. Though the cast switchboard of the network is usually relatively expensive, it offers some extra strong functions. The network cast switchboard includes the characteristic that is not a cast switchboard of a network. The networks cast switchboard generally all support the simple network management agreement (SNMP) ,Certainly, most network cast switchboards still not merely have this point (SNMP) Characteristic. Say network the intersection of cast and switchboard enable you, go on, control to the network, but not the network cast switchboard usually only permits Ethernet apparatus to carry on communication basically. The network cast switchboard still enables you to monitor the network. Unless SNMP, it can look over you various state of network,it include not charging /number of bytes that be sent, charge /frame number, mistake counting and port state,etc. that be sent. All these Yes the port is looked over one by one. The network cast switchboard also has some advanced characteristics that can improve the control ability of your network. Like the service quality (QoS) , fictitious LAN (VLAN) , characteristics such as mirror image of the port, IGMP Snooping, redundancy and SNMP,etc., usually all only there are the cast switchboard of the networks, most the intersection of network and cast it exchanges senior characteristics that machines prepares against to be as follows, QoS is that the switchboard uses the ability of high priority to the particular data frame.VLAN allow switchboard divide into groups the apparatus logic, and even if all apparatuses share a physical switchboard, also can isolate the flowrate between these equipment packages.The mirror image of the port allows to monitor the flowrate sent or received by one or more of ports of the switchboard with a port of the switchboard. This kind of characteristic helps to real-time monitor the communication data, it is the commonly used trouble shooting method of Ethernet.IGMP Snooping can only issue those request the apparatuses of the frames the multicasting frame automatically, this can prevent the multicasting frame from mailing to those apparatus not asking these frames s.SNMP is a simple network management agreement, it allows the utility program of the network management to communicate with the switchboard in standard way, ask for status information and arrangement to dispose etc.. Some suppliers offer and can convert SNMP data to in HMI system OPC machine format network management procedure that used.It is a common characteristic of the cast industrial Ethernet switchboard of the network that the ring network is redundant. A lot of industry switchboard manufacturers have established their own specialized redundant agreement of ring net. Transmission media, most industrial Ethernet communicates and goes on through the paired line, but need to use the optical cable sometimes. Need to use the optical cable when the transmission distance of signal exceeds 100 meters that the paired line supports. The communication distance of the multimode optical fiber be able to be up to 2 kilometers; The communication distance of the single mode fiber is achievable 15 kilometers. Because its communication is difficult to influence by electricity or magnetic field, the optical cable is generally still used in the high noisy environment.

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