Vaccum oil filter of hydraulic oil of macromolecule

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The vaccum lubricating oil oil filter of HL series environment protection type macromolecule, are mainly suitable for all trades and professions such as the mine, metallurgy, petroleum, railway, machinery, chemical industry, instrument, war industry,etc.. Play and act on to polluting the purification regeneration of various industrial lubricating oil, machine oil, hydraulic oil of the deterioration,etc. greatly, lengthen overhauling the life time of the cycle sum of the apparatus, reduce the consumption production cost which mixes the product fittings.

Vaccum lubricating oil oil filter of HL series macromolecule, suitable for, deal with size 20-680 the intersection of range and inner hydraulic oil, the intersection of internal-combustion engine and oil, gear oil, frozen engine oil, compressor oil, bearing oil, the intersection of heat treatment and the intersection of oil,etc. and industrial oil, to technical requirement for using the oil in all kinds of apparatuses being different from standard, the apparatus has cooked the corresponding professional disposition to each assortment oil.

Main technical parameter

Unit \'s type HL-20HL-30HL-50HL-100HL-150HL - 200HL-250HL-300 of the technical indicator

Flowrate L/min203050100150200250300

Total power KW17233553708095110

Operating pressure Mpa is less than or equal to 0.4

Working vacuum degree Mpa-0.070-0.098

Thermostatical control limit ¡æ20-120

Kinematic viscosity mm2/s national corresponding standard

The moisture content PPm is less than or equal to 50

The water soluble acid PH is greater than or equal to 5.1

Acid value mgKOH/g is less than or equal to 0.03

Flash point (open) ¡æ50-220

\ does not have the mechanical admixture

Filtering precision (u) Micron is less than or equal to 1-10

Noise Db(A) 60-70

No failure operation h is greater than or equal to 5500

The continuous work h is greater than or equal to 260

Power \ 380V 50HZ

Enter (appear) Grease nipple inch 0.60.611.51.5222.5 once

Apparatus weight Kg 2803507509501020150018002000

Physical dimension mm 950* 700* 12001000* 800* 13501000* 850* 14501600* 1000* 15501700* 1100* 16501800* 1100* 17501900* 1250* 18502000* 1250* 1950

The vaccum lubricating oil oil filter of HL series environment protection type macromolecule, can get rid of pollutant, for instance in the oil effectively: Moisture content, water soluble acid, alkali, mechanical quality,etc., improve the kinematic viscosity of the oil, flash point, emulsifying. Make the oil return to required usability rapidly, is close to or reach the corresponding national new oil standard.

One: The vaccum lubricating oil oil filter structure of HL series macromolecule is novel in design and rational, the characteristic is superior, automaticity is high, operation maintenance is simple and convenient and swift. Purely physical oil purification way, move two-purpose fixedly.

Two: Strain and adopt the stainless steel composite material of macromolecule, the combined filter element smartly systematically, and dispose magnetic filter of high strength,etc., filtering precision is high, not without the filter paper, life cycle is long, and automatic back flush.

Three: Applicable and in extensive range, no matter the regional place, can already concentrate on purifying regeneration of the dispersible fragmentary waste oil. Can also connect in series in operation and deal with online, purify regeneration and does not waste the characteristic such as being tall in rate of recovery of the oil, oil.

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