Explain the department, the voltage transformer from the coupling voltage transformer in three phases from the coupling voltage transformer

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First, product characteristic SG do not need to install the radiator additionally on the outside from the cold type voltage transformer, mainly used as the alternating current source voltage and varied, the load which is suitable for various properties. The electric equipment needing exchange voltage to change, can use this product. The voltage grade designed is under the 1000V grade, frequency 50Hz or 60Hz. The voltage grade of the main products is: Input: Three-phase 440V, 420V, 400V, 380V; Export: Three-phase 220V, 200V, 190V, 120V, 110V, 100V; Single-phase voltage 127V, 120V, 110V, 100V, 36V, 24V,etc.. Divide two major series of single-phase and three phases. If need special voltage specification and please contact our company to have made to order. Second, technical parameter Capacity the intersection of 10- 1000KVA and the intersection of output and the intersection of voltage and the intersection of precision and load, SG of range, ¡À 2% greater than or equal to, 98% resist the electric intensity 2000V/60S around the intersection of montage and efficiency, 50Hz of frequency, Y/yn0 D/yn0 of law, in the range<10mA ???? ??100%???,???1.5-3????? ???? >5M¦¸ environmental temperature - 5 ¡æ- relative temperature between +40 ¡æ <90% ? ? =65? ? ? =60db

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