Qinhuangdao century professional manufacturer of source aqueous cleaning apparatus

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The ultrasonic aqueous cleaning apparatus is a kind of full-automatic comprehensive water treatment apparatus with many kinds of functions developed newly; It adopts 316L stainless steel reach 2 microns to filter the precisioning to burn and weave a net, incorporates washing technology in full-automatic high-pressure inverse well-flushing and supersonic wave into an organic whole, do not have dead angle, run to strain yuan, wash automatically, automatic inverse well-flushing, automatic blowdown completely without needing to change, supersonic wave sterilizes many kinds of functions of killing the bath, sterilizing, reducing COD and and preventing the filter screen from being corrupt and stopping up etc. at the same time. Technological characteristic and innovative point 1. Supersonic wave is used in water treatment technology field for the first time, have many kinds of functions such as mixing, cleavage, oxidizing, condensing, sterilizing, killing the algae, sterilizing, removing COD and greasy dirt, preventing the filter screen from being corrupt and stopping up. Filtering the precision can reach 2 microns. 2.The ultrasonic aqueous cleaning apparatus realizes automatic back flush through one's own search and emergency function, can deal with unstable water quality and fluctuate, does not need manual intervention. 3.The ultrasonic aqueous cleaning apparatus control system reflects sensitively, it is accurate to run, press difference and time and presume the function doubly, can filter precision to be flexible to change inverse well-flushing to pigeonhole difference or time setting for value according to different source of water. 4.It wash supersonic wave and it is high-pressure organic integration of inverse well-flushing,it last filter screen, wash more high-efficient, completely, filter screen full restoration states initial, therefore can use all the life, does not need to change. 5.Ultrasonic aqueous cleaning apparatus cut off and produce water normally while in back flush, run continuously, stable and reliable. 6.Ultrasonic the intersection of aqueous cleaning and the intersection of apparatus and back flush last short, inverse well-flushing water dawdle only as normal 0.001~0.002% of water yield, water of province, saving the electricity, power saving. 7.The apparatus structural design compactness of ultrasonic aqueous cleaning is rational, the floor space is small, install and move flexibly and conveniently. 8.There are few ultrasonic aqueous cleaning apparatus apparatus quick-wear parts, without consumptive material, run and safeguard the low expenses, it is simple to operate management. 9.The apparatus application of ultrasonic aqueous cleaning is wide, very applicable different original water water quality and requiring with water.

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