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Gpsone accurate positioner / minimum positioner / 15817332551 most / Deng engrave again

Defend and lead to the fourth generation of GPSONE satellite positioner that Electronics Co., Ltd. introduces newly in 08 years. Large a little volume ratio matchboxes. Adopt the war industry grade GPSONECDMa of U.S.A.'s high target to formate communication and position aX module. German pair is imported the built-in intenna jointly. Low power consumption is designed. Do not need interstar connection, suck outside the car or paste and conceal the place in the car, can position the pet car with a computer, it can be to answering in the car long-rangely, no matter here or other provinces, it is the alignability that the place that can surf the Net inputs the account number password of the platform, want to answer and pull out and send the mobile phone card card number carried in the host computer at any time, the host computer will change over to and answer the state automatically while putting through, folk prescription is answered, or will not produce any jar in the car in the indoor, the products also have a key of warning functions, in case of contingency, press one key alarm button of products, systematic automatic sending turn to message for help, get, presume at the kind mobile phone already, can also position through the way that the mobile phone send message to the platform, the system replies detailed Chinese address and longitude and latitude for the mobile phone in 10 seconds. Have wide use range, the parents of student can place in schoolbag and fix child's position, see whether the child goes to the Internet cafe instead of going of the school on time, house have the intersection of action and inconvenient old man can also hand-carry this product, meeting the burst state can be utilized and turned to the button for help promptly, mix the intersection of pet and neck ring, afraid the intersection of pet and can also go on positioning etc. for own pet ing lost, products use very extensive, welcome, call to consult 15817332551, we will make more detailed answer for you.

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