Siemens fan coil unit three-piece (Indoor thermostat + valve +SUA21 two times are held)

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Supply Siemens with the intersection of fan coil unit and three-piece ' Indoor thermostat + valve +SUA21 two times are held)

Act as the agent of the control device RLU236 of Siemens Siemens

Siemens (SIEMENS) Special distributor of automatic control products of the building

The main agent sells: Mechanical thermostat RAB10.1 of Siemens; Thermostat RDF310.2 of the liquid crystal; DN20 electronic actuator SUA21; SUA21/I; Valve body VVI46.20, VVI46.20/I; Siemens' proportional integral valve; The tube temperature sensor QAM2120.040 of wind, series QAH11.1; PI control device RWD62/CN, RWD68/CN, RDF340, DF300 liquid crystal thermostat; Valve VAI61, VAI51 series DN25-DN150 spherical valve, electronic actuator GLB161.9E, GBB161.1E.GIB161.1E; SQX62,SKD62,SKC62; Electronic butterfly valve DN40-DN600 of Siemens; Butterfly valve series VKF46; SQL26E65, SQL36E110 actuator; Valve VVF40, series VVF31; Voltage transformer SEM62.1; The Temperature Humidity Sensor QFM2160 of air channel, 3160; Indoor Temperature Humidity Sensor QFA2060, 3160; Prevent frostbite and turn on or off QAF81.3; Wind speed sensor QVM62.1; Flow switch QVE1901; Sensor QPA63.2 of air quality; The switch QBM81-3 of leeway, QBM81-3, QBM81-10; Pressure difference transducer QBM66.201, QBM66.202, QBM66.203; Pressure capsule QBE2000-P4, QBE2002-P4, P5, P10, P16, P20, P25, QBE620-P16; Waterflow pressure difference transducer QBE61.3-DP2, QBE61.3-DP5, DP10; Temperature sensor QAP22 of the cable; Steam valve series VVF52; T valve VXF31, VXF40; Immersion type temperature sensor QAE2120; QAE2174; Wind valve actuator GMA131.1E, GMA16.1E; GLB331.1E; GCA131.1E.GCA161.1E; Control device RLU232, RLU236, RMU730-2; Indoor temperature sensor QAA24, QAA25, QAA24/AP, QAA25/AP; Electronic actuator SQL35.00, SQX82.00, SQX32.00, SSP61, SSC61, SSC619, SSC81, SQS65, SQS85.00; Electronic hydraulic actuator SKB62, SKC62, SKC32.61, SKD62, SKD32.50, pressure differential controller QBE61.3-DP10; The products are far above these, welcome to send a telegram or a letter here.

All family property automatic control equipment Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen are commission agents of south district of Greater China district of automatic control equipment of German Siemens building. The company has already to supply Siemens with products in the triangular area of pearl had quinquennium. Receive the approval all the time of the masses of customers. The warm open central air-conditioning equipment that the agent of Co., Ltd. of automatic control equipment of all family property of Shenzhen sold includes: The wind includes warm humidity controller, control flap ' The controlling valve of the proportional integral, fan coil unit valve two times) electronically , electrically operated valve driver / actuator, water flow control products (flow switch, liquid-level switch, liquid level sensor) , Temperature Humidity Sensor ( Room type, wind cast, outdoor type) , the intersection of pressure capsule and control device, ink control the products ' Equalizing valve, automatic differential pressure equalizing valve, automatic control pressure-gradient control valve, electronic butterfly valves, manual butterfly valves) Digital the intersection of DDC and control device and expand module,etc.. Shenzhen all the intersection of family property and the intersection of automatic control equipment and the intersection of Co., Ltd. and acting product enjoy higher status among consumers, company and many retailers and commission agents have established the stable cooperation relation for a long time. Shenzhen all family property variety complete in the intersection of automatic control equipment and warm coherent automatic control equipment, central air-conditioning equipment, fire-fighting equipment that Co., Ltd. sell and price reasonable. All family property automatic control equipment Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen are influential, heavy credit, keeping the contract, guaranteeing product quality, manage the principles of characteristic and small profits and quick turnover with many varieties, has won the confidence of the masses of customers.

Welcome to patronize our company showcase: Automatic control equipment of all family property of Shenzhen (imported products special counter) Various brand more ' Siemens, Jiang Sen's automatic control, Ni Weill Huo ...)Supply from stock. Our company has sold and imported the automatic control equipment for many years, has known very well the product structure function, we can offer characteristic size of the products,etc. to you to consult if necessary.

The products that our company sells are normal products without exception, fine ten false

Our company can be according to accessories a number or brand and type that you offer, offer the source of goods to you in time.

German Siemens (SIEMENS) Authorised distributor of Guangdong area
Ni Weill Huo (HONEYWELL) Commission agent of south district of automatic control products of the building.
U.S.A. YORK ( York) China district's general agent of the central air conditioner.
American Jiang Sen's automatic control (johnson controls) HVAC automatic control products, China district's general agent of automatical warning device of fire control.

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