The lathe uses the woollen brush board

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Our factory was established in 1990, it was the speciality type enterprises with history of nearly 20 years, have much great reputation for the patronage of Chinese old and new customers. Our factory has rich technical force, processing manufacturing facilities superior, specialize in civil woollen brush, mechanical woollen brush, rubber roll all kinds of, grind roller, suck water roll, the intersection of steel wire and wheel, the intersection of copper wire and wheel, maos of ship, the intersection of cloth and ship The products are used mainly in: Glass industry, textile industry, printing and dyeing industry, printing industry, breadboard, fruits and vegetables wash, it is shoes-making, leather, steel, metallurgy, copper just, electron, battery, cigarette, furniture,etc. various machinery. Our factory produces the sweeping machine fittings at the same time: Manganese steel wire, plastic silk, sweeping. Steel wire one, vinyl disc, middle disc and aluminum alloy one,etc. sweep one, the railing is swept and brushed. Our factory regards technology as the core, regard products innovation as the direction, regard the customer's requirement as the goal, hold the developing direction of the market, rigorously enforce scientific management, keep one's word to keep one's promise loyally, strive for the quality brand name products. Insist on " the quality first, the price is reasonable, deliver in time " Serve for aim customer is hearty to welcome all manufacturer to send a telegram or a letter here, the fax pattern, kind is made to order to come. Welcome to land:

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