Examine and shake the appearance VN6360

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Add speed 10Hz-1KHz 0.1-200m/ms² 20.1-400m/ms² 10Hz-10KHz 0.1-200ft/ms² 0.3-1312ft/ms² Speed 10Hz-1KHz 0.1-8.0inch/sDisplacement of 0.1-400mm/s 0.004-16.0inch10Hz-1KHz 0.001-2.0mm 0.001-4.0mm 0.04-80mil 0.04-160 mil rotational speed5-100000r/min frequency 0.1-10 KHz accuracy: <5% of the common British system is changed to keep the maximum shut down automatically and having RS232C interface to exporting Exchange 2.0V power: The environment for use of 4 batteries No. 5: Temperature: 0-40 ¡æ humidity: RH external dimension 10-90%: 124x62x30mm employs: The measurement that used for periodically moving, in order to measure imbalance and bias with mechanical sport.*Design to measure various machinery live and shake specially, so that the quality control, the running time and plant maintenance in advance offer the data.*Select high-performance acceleration for use to count, realize accurate, repeatable measurement.*It has bearing states that measures the function.

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