Thermal resistance component

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Around type 1, glimmer platinum resistance, glass platinum resistance, for the winding type outside of platinum resistance in glimmer platinum resistance, glass platinum resistance and pottery, advantage lie in simple technological process, production cost low, shortcoming antivibration, especially temperature easy to fail when being high. The hot coefficient of expansion that the invalid reason is mainly the skeleton is smaller than the coefficient of expansion of one of platinum far, cause platinum silk and skeleton interval to be too big at the time of the high temperature, namely become flexible, in addition the external world shakes, the skeleton loses and restrains ability from causing the short circuit among circle to the platinum silk; It will cause skeleton abrasion and hindering value increasing or broken circuit to the platinum one even in the low-temperature environment to shake for a long time in addition. This structure has a kind of shortcoming that can't be overcome, namely have a kind of wriggling that stretches the factor of one of long platinum with the temperature change of level, as time passes, make its hindering value obviously increase. 2,Winding platinum resistance in the pottery, its advantage lies in making simple technological process, the appearance is good, can use at very much low temperature ' Such as -200 ¡æ) ,It can't be competent that the shortcoming shakes the occasion. Its structure makes the platinum silk into the spring, is run through in two holes or four - hole refined ceramic cylinders, connect the platinum silk in every hole in series in lead wire of one end drawing. No the reason of the antivibration lies in: Its inside can be compared to and hang down the electric stove silk hung around hindering, in the high-temperature state, it seems that the electric stove silk is energized, the stove silk is softened, present one circle of intervals of upper stove silk to increase with the extension of time after the electric stove silk is energized, one circle of intervals of stove silk is reduced in the underpart, energizing the larger electric current of the stove silk, the higher the temperature is, there are obvious on result,shake slightly at this moment, will short out among underpart circle, inside around type platinum resistance the reason why antivibration is for the reason when temperature is the less high. People, for solve problem this, ceramic particle come, restrain the platinum silk from irritate in the hole later on, but as time goes by in fact, after the raised angle of this ceramic particle is ground off, the pottery filled with becomes flexible or the above-mentioned problem appears in the hole again. Have vibrant occasions in order to measure the high temperature for this people, are made of platinum silk of thicker diameter Pt100 or Pt10 to go on, so really get up to the result, because the silk diameter of platinum is added thickly, no matter at low temperature or high-temperature state, its rigidity is being strengthened, so can be applicable. But not solved fundamentally either. In addition, winding platinum resistance in the pottery, no matter shake the occasion to exist at the low temperature or high temperature around hindering the friction problem with the bay of bone, the number value will increase broken circuit with extension in duration.

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