VOITH electric liquid converter DSG-B07112/07212

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The type of the products:

Good fortune Iraq special VOITHTURBO ' U.S.A.)

Product specification:

Chaining of the device industrial standard simple to use
TURCON serial electric liquid converters offered remarkable steam and oil valve carrying out device to control.

The characteristic of the products:

Function with the regulating valve of pressures that the magneto drive of the converter of the electric liquid acts on some relief pressure valves of hydraulic pressure together to make.
Trends and not stagnat magnetism will not receive interval of air, magnetism stagnat phenomenon, influence of the temperature or voltage fluctuation to change the result and is superior to precision 0.1%.
Propose straining the oil: Up to NAS1638 the 7th or IS04408 the 16/13th.
It vary to since mA input signal than pressures steady time very brief(t<35??)
Under the abominable environment, electron and mechanical part are guaranteed multiple functionally.
All electronic elements of the converter of the electric liquid include in the container.
Design, guarantee, input high pressure into ' Pressure ranges of 0~3000psi can all be supplied) .
Standard and explosion-proof suitable foring type.
With PID controller application, you can loss and pay compensating to the pipeline pressure. This can also control the position of valve and rotational speed of steam turbine to design to select for use.
The hydraulic damping is suitable for being used for shaking the violent place.



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