The monitor system installation company of the video is wireless control installation, the network monitoring is installed, control

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Accept monitor system, long-range monitor system, anti-theft alarm system engineering. Offer the installation, maintenance of the monitor system to customer, the company has specialized construction, sales force and perfect service system after sale, it is a more strong control project installation company.

Installation is controlled, control installation, install the company controlled, control the installation company, control the project to install, the monitoring aid, the family controls, the long-distance video is controlled, network monitoring, it is controlled that wireless, closed-circuit control, unexplosive controls the installation of project, the school controls and installs, control installation in the Residential Area, the store front controls installation, the factory controls installation, the hospital controls and installs, the hotels control installation, the store and supermarket control installation, control the camera, the camera of the network, the video recorder of the hard disk, install the company controlled in Xi'an.

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