Body-response module(Take the photo-control

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Function characteristic:

Because of the infrared rays technical automatically controlled products, when someone enters switch reaction range, the specialized sensor detects human body's infrared spectral change, the high level of spontaneous output, people do not leave reaction range ' People have activities) ,Will export the high level continuously; After people leave, the time delay automatic closing of switch is supported. High sensitivity, highly reliable, is applied to the electric equipment of all kinds of auto-induction extensively.

Time of time delay (adjustable in 0.3 seconds - 18 seconds) : Can also have made to order according to customer's request, have the range made to order from a fraction of a seconds to 30 minutes.

Exceed low power consumption: One's own power consumption of the switch<0.00005W..

Wide-voltage is designed: 4.5V-20VDC (can make to order working voltage: 3-4.5VDC)

There is reaction that blockades time: The module of reaction is after each reaction is exported ' The high level is turned into low level) ,Can follow to set up one and blockade in time slot closely, the reactor does not accept signal of any reaction within this time quantum. This function can be realized " The output time of reaction " And " blockade time " The interval work of the two, can apply to the interval and survey the products; This function can inhibit from effectively to support various interference produced in the switching process at the same time. (This time can be set up in a fraction of a seconds- Dozens of seconds) .

Touch off the way: Can touch off continuously, can't touch off continuously. (but jumper wire choice)

Electrical behavior parameter:

Working voltage 4.5V-20VDC of passive form of reaction way

Human body's infrared maximum power consumption of the reaction principle<0.00005W

Reaction distance 7 meters of output modes high level / low level

Conical angle of 120 degrees load range of angle of reaction

Optically-controlled reaction 5LUX-500LUX is (adjustable) (standard does not have optically-controlled function) Ambient temperature - 20 ¡æ- +50 ¡æ

Applicable scope:

Functions such as the automatic control of all kinds of electric apparatuses,etc., can be used for the use of guarding against theft etc. at the same time.

The interstar connection is shown:

Connect and hint: Typical application:

1.Positive pole of the power;

2.Level is exported at last;

3.Negative pole of the power;

H: can be touched off repeatedly;

L: can't be touched off repeatedly;

Reaction range is shown:

(the wall is installed and shown)

(install and show in the ceiling)



PCB physical dimension: 32*24mm, the hole pitch 28mm of the screw, the aperture 2mm of the screw;
The lens size of reaction: (diameter) : 23mm (acquiescence) ; Separately as follows, 12.7mm; 11mm; It is available for 8mm to wait for ' Different lens have different distances and angles) .

Have acceptably and of different function products made to order, the function is realized: Can make different size, many kinds of the intersection of output and form, many kinds of working voltage on request ' Exchange 110V/220V, various direct current) , various power (<1000W)??????? :
1.Does not export at ordinary times, people come to reaction to export, people are before closing and exporting;
2.Export at ordinary times, people come, close, export, from export and then people;
3.Does not export at ordinary times, measure people, people export after leaving, delay time, close and export;
4 .......

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