Alternating current motor soft actuator

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, product introduction: The soft starter of Model KL-RQD-55, it is a kind of alternating-current dynamo soft starting device. Can apply to various alternating-current dynamoes and need the occasion of start of slope extensively, drawback such as being too big of the electric current while avoiding the across the line starting of the alternating-current dynamo. This soft starter adopts the advanced intellectual triode thyristor control module, add the soft starting circuit, output function of the auto by pass. Because of adopt the intersection of modularization and disposition, simple installation convenient exempting debugging, non-maintaining two, technical condition to have structure: Input voltage AC 380V, 50Hz output voltage AC 0-380V. Starting time 0-30S is adjustable, start power 120KW, the straight control current 500A of the peak, third, service conditions 1. The height above sea level should not exceed 2000 meters; 2. Working ambient temperature - 25- 45 ¡æ; 3. The air relative humidity is not greater than 85%; 4. The apparatus should place on not having conductive dust and various corrosivity gas, and ventilate the good place; 5. Mains voltage input AC380V¡À 10% ( Three-phase four-wire) ,Frequency 50Hz, voltage unsymmetry is below 5%; 6. The apparatus is earthed well. . Fourth, operational requirement 1 of apparatus. Using this apparatus should be connected and melted the airbreak switch quickly, insert the input end of the soft starter and one end of the external contact apparatus of three-phase 380V power and zero line of air switched output. A phase line (B or C) among them Connect to one end of the contactor coil, another end is connected to bypass live wire A that the soft actuator draws; 2.It is the operability after another end outputted with the contact apparatus connects up the alternating-current dynamo; 3.Push and activate button, the soft starter begins according to presuming time start, starting time can be regulated by 50K potentiometer KR on the soft start board. The soft start board outputs the bypass signal and puts through the external contact apparatus and works after start, the soft starter deactivates at the same time; 4.After pushing the stop button, the electrical machinery is shut down; 5.If need to cause moving, stop button outside, can connect start, stop button from start button lead wire of the soft actuator directly; 6.If users want to adjust and output terminal voltage, can open the chassis top case, rotate soft turn on exposed the intersection of 10K and the intersection of blue and little potentiometer at the box slowly with small flat mouthfuls of screw driver ' Regulate and export and change the big, anti-clockwise clockwise and regulate and export waning) . Attention: Regulate, export become great, clockwise, output terminal voltage, mean retune of behind the terminal voltage can't inputting, if retune will cause the electrical machinery out of control! Five. Maintenance equipment 1, checking whether the three-phase a.c. voltage supply is normal at first without exporting, uneven such as deenergization or three phases should debug in time. 2,Check whether the airbreak switch acts, the fuse is ablated. Resume the airbreak switch in time and go to ON position, if the fuse is damaged and changed in time. 3,Check switching power supply operate normally, for measure ¡À 12V, output terminal voltage with the intersection of multimeter and direct-flow shelf commonsense method, normal value among 13V to 11V, will cause, can't work normally while being too high overlow. 4,Above-mentioned trouble have or get rid of, can't yet normal output or unable to change, please measure some normally-open normally-close attracting of the auxiliary relay normally with the multimeter. 5,The trouble still exists after checking according to the above-mentioned method, please contact our company in time. Six. Maintenance 1 of the apparatus. Check every connecting bolt regularly and become flexible, if become flexible and should tighten. 2. The module unloads and scribbles the hold-down bolt after the silicone grease of heat conduction again every year. 3. If have corrosion to change in time among lunk and terminal, prevent the loose contact. 4. Switch and fast acting fuse should be changed in time after ablating, can't replace with the other articles not in accordance with instructions for use of the apparatus. . Enclose: Electric schematic diagram

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