Displacement vibration pickup of the electric vortex

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Our unit is located in the large institute of Tsing-Hua University of Beijing, and mechanics of Tsing-Hua University, instrument,etc. are the long-term cooperation, there are serial non-contact type electric vortex displacement vibration pickups now, the intersection of sensor and the intersection of probe and part have high strength, high temperature resistant, withstand voltage, oil proof soaking and able to bear chemical corrosion outstanding advantage, can work under more abominable environment by water penetration. And the characteristic the same as the sensor characteristics of other producers in foreign countries of forming a complete set of the sensor series can be substituted. Very much like and you establish the connection, if can provide service for your scientific research, teaching and safety in production, we will be highly honored, and the hearty your our trust of thanks here, please contact us in time if necessary, we will give you a satisfactory reply within quickest time. The intersection of I and that unit produce the intersection of running balancing and the intersection of trochanter and test bed in addition, Model ST-5000 trochanter it tests system controllers to be a dynamic characteristic used for analyzing machinery and transferring the design to the subsystem. This system can be used for teaching and scientific research of the respect of mechanical vibration, testing SIGPROC signal processing etc. testing. Through the data collecting system taking computer as the centre, gather the sensor signal installed on test bed of flexible rotor, various mechanical properties that can focus on the subsystem are observed, analyzed and dealt with. The function that the Model ST-5000 trochanter tests the system controller lies in, in order to offer the interface between test bed of the trochanter and computer, finish the collection, analysis of the outcoming signal of the sensor and deal with, and reveal and store the result on the computer. This system is received by vast scientific research and production division favourably deeply too.

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