Baelz electronic actuator

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Overview: BAELZ control valve adopts stainless steel corrugated pipe + high-temperature asbestos packing to seal doubly; It can be able to bear 400 degrees, 40KG pressure that the highest; And two kinds of control modes that electronically, pneumatically are changed simply and conveniently, the proportion expression is controlled

The products are employed: Textile industry Chemical industry Plastic industry Metal worker Cleaning agent industry Paper industry Woodwork industry Electronics industry Food industry Processing industry of pitch Building workshop

Characteristic: Type: MBS373-E07

Operating voltage: Standard product: AC230V +10%, - 15% 50/60HZ special product: AC110V , 24V ; Control mode: P, PI, PID server motor driven; Protect the grade: IP53 Germany rule; Maximum promotes Cheng: 28mm ; Journey speed: Ty18mm/min(50hz) ,21.6mm/min(60hz) ; Axle yoke support: Model baelz S21 (DIN5201 F10) ; The torsion of the actuator: 204kgf(2000N)

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