The intersection of ARO and pneumatic blue diaphragm pump Suo, Ingle of diaphragm pump,

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Blue pneumatic diaphragm pump of Ingle's cable Import the pump ARO diaphragm pump of diaphragms and import the pneumatic diaphragm pump
The blue pneumatic diaphragm pump of ARO Ingle's cable: The pump body material is stainless steel, aluminum alloy, casting iron, PP; The diaphragm material is teflon and general rubber; The bore is from 1/4 inches to 3 inches; Flow-rate range 17 liter to 1040 liter. High flux, high-performance blue pneumatic principle of diaphragm pump Suo, Ingle of ARO: It can be self-priming pneumatically that ARO diaphragm pump is very simple in operation, can regulate the atmospheric pressure and fluid back pressure and can meet various flowrate's demands, can handle abrasivity to be very strong responsive and boring meeting different trades' demands. The pneumatic diaphragm pump is applied to fluid transportation, spraying trade, japanning, chemical industry, beverage, food, printing, medicines, textile, building,etc. and applied to different trades extensively.
Shown in the following several aspects:
1. Suitable for the valuable liquid, high harmfulness, the transport of dangerous supplies such as the high corrosivity,etc., blue pneumatic diaphragm pump idler containment structure Suo, Ingle of ARO, totally separate with the external world, hopeless no leak;
2. Suitable for flammable and explosive the intersection of environment and various fluidic transport, because blue pneumatic diaphragm pump Suo, Ingle of ARO, need the electricity not to produce the electric spark at work, do not produce heat
3. Suitable for the abominable working condition such as oil field, the mine, the waste water which includes the solid particle in the construction site, has not stopped up, unloaded, there is no drain.
4. Suitable for not needing the foundation as the transport of different supplies under the light movable occasion, the occupation of land is small, flexible, install simple and convenient economy;
5. High, middle and low various viscosity various acid, alkali, corrosivity fluid and transport of different solvents in applicable chemical trade. Because of making motive force with the compressed air, the flowrate is self-regulated with the back pressure change, the operating point range is wide, presume the best operating point automatically;
6. Suitable for, require high pure high clean transport of supplies, because ARO non-lubricating in blue pneumatic diaphragm pump Suo in Ingle, there is no anxiety that lubricant pollutes the supplies. Transport of if medical intermediate and products, medicine of laboratory,etc.;
7. Suitable for the intersection of chemical property and stable fluid transportation, because ARO very much low in blue pneumatic the intersection of diaphragm pump and shear force in supplies Suo in Ingle.

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