Ten thousand profit of Shell has 5 main spindle oil

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Ten thousand profit of Shell has the lubricating oil (Shell Morlina OIL) Shell profit Wan it gets lubricating oil to be to refine the base oil of mineral and choose additive carefully to make up by high-quality solvent, can apply various recycle system to and require pole that oil have press in the some commercial installations of characteristic extensively. Shell profit Wan get lubricating oil can apply the intersection of apparatus and recycle system, the intersection of sliding and Shell of oil lubrication to Lathe serial bearing, antifriction bearing, journal bearing and low to hit the close gear of load of main spindle oil. Profit Wan get 5#'s lubricating oil No. 10 and can also serve as spindle oil and main gas oil. 1,Oxidize the life time that the stability characteristic guarantees the part of the machine outstandingly. 2,The good characteristic of resistance to wear guarantees the life time of the part of the machine. 3,Water good defending corrosion behavior and dividing can. Wan get the intersection of profit and this kind of lubricating oil, it divides water to be can until machinery equipment of homework particularly important under the intersection of temperature and old terms while being good, when the machine stops doing the homework, water can be very easy to be got rid of. Majestic Dary's bearing lubricating oil (Shell Vitrea Oil) of Shell It is high viscosity index mineral oil that the high-quality high solvent refined that Shell is majestic to reach the lubricating oil of profit. Can offer the satisfactory lubrication for a large amount of industry machinery equipment. Recommend, employ Shell to be majestic to reach the intersection of profit and lubricating oil, can use for slip and antifriction bearing, closing type gear box ( Spur gear, helical gear, umbrella type gear and whirlpool gear) ,And the lubrication of recycle system that the machine celebrates. The most suitable to use, include the intersection of mineral oil and system in lubricating oil of additive while being appointed product. It is suitable for light, intermediate load and industrial application in the temperature reaching the lubricating oil of profit that Shell is majestic. The performance characteristic has good oxidation stability. Resist the forming of oil sludge of oxidation product and other harmful substances, guarantee the effective life of the oil. The viscosity index is high. The degree of viscosity of the oil is influenced by temperature variation minorly. It divides water to be can good, can make it separate with this rapidly behind resting machine not to enter water in the oil.

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