Move the balancing apparatus LC810 live

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LC-810 moves the balanced system and can judge the mechanical equipment status rapidly on the scene live, whether analysing the mechanical equipment has a bad trouble of running balancing. Exist, can try on serious law or influence coefficient method, carry on running balancing correct with whom system offer, system solve, calculate, add automatically ' Reduce) Quality magnitude and angle of counter weight. In many cases, running balancing can remove the trochanter (line shafting) when being corrected More than 90% of the unbalance.

This series of products can offer the apparatus failure analysis function of a certain degree at the same time.

The system forms: Walkie notebook computer + shake SIGPROC signal processing and gather the case specializedly

System function and technical indicator

Have lateral, two-sided equilibrium ability, can be suitable for the field balancing of different kind trochanters

Guide type running balancing function: The software solves and calculates quality and angle of counter weight fast according to the measured data, having offered the complete guide type running balancing function, so long as the operator finishes the running balancing to correct easily according to the guide.

Can immature to work up balancing process continue and go on the running balancing from keep already

Utilize for on-the-spot original installation conditions, 2 - 3 times of open and close machine;

Vector resolution: Carry on reasonable vector resolution to the balance mass solved and calculated, in order to meet the field-mounted objective requirement.

Balance method: Try heavy law and influence coefficient method;

Try estimating again: Estimate automatically that publishes the reasonable running balancing to try heavy quality according to the trochanter materials input, and can give and set out the conclusions of results of equilibrium.

The measurement limit of rotational speed: 60 - 20000r/min

One can enable unbalance reduce while being balanced More than 90%

Equilibrate the report generation and export;

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