Refined way burning machine of the profit

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Dongguan liked special strength gas burning apparatus limited company's tenable in 2003ing, it was one that specialized in gas burning apparatus scientific research, design, company in environment protecting mode produced, sold, devoted to the sale, maintenance and technical support of the heat energy apparatus including burning machine complete machine and burner fittings, offer various imported burners to the masses of customers: It is asked for(Weishaupt) that majestic , one hundred has (Baltur) , the refined way (Riello) of profit , one hundred times (Bentone) When; The burner fittings: Oil pump, control device, light a fire voltage transformer, spray nozzle, the intersection of sense and photocell eye, the intersection of point and lighted torch, oil filter, servomotor, electromagnetic valve, leak location assembly, pressure regulating valve, pressure switch,etc..

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