Main changer XM202

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The XMT202D type digital temperature instructs the changer to measure and reveal warm a new kind of temperature measuring instrument that rises of high-pressure apparatus for the power system specially. It is good and measuring high, such characteristics as the appearance is esthetic, easy to use with stable reading of precision that this instrument has dependability, especially adopt big LED display of 1.2 inches, make the distance of reading of this instrument reach several dozen meters, have helped watch inspect personnel's detection, record very much. Instrument this furnished with 0~5V, 4~20mA or the intersection of RS485 and linear the intersection of simulation and constant pressure of communication or flow while being permanent temperature, hand over, output the function, have upper limit temperature control society carry and upper limit call the police export one pair of groups and is turn on in the contact often. Appearance, making hole size, sensor and is installed and in full accord with standard moving and enclosing serial instruments. Very nowadays suitable for nobody's old-fashioned instrument in the transformer substation on duty changes, transforms, performance accords with nobody's distant news, telemetering measurement of the transformer substation on duty and requires the ideal temperature measuring instrument which must be allocated in new transformer substation.

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