Tester of vacuum degree of Model VC-V

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Instrument this vacuum kill whom arc vacuum degree of room measure apparatus is can convenient accurate kill arc quality of room, carry on effective detection to vacuum, can test directly the vacuum installed on the complete machine kills the arc room taking the coil, this instrument quality is reliable, handsome in appearance, easy to use, Israel favors deeply by the power supply and industrial enterprise at country's most excellent performance and the most reasonable price among them. Performance characteristic: The vacuum that the sample technology based on ionization electric charge deducts and leaks electricity the treatment of the electric current and differentiates and totally leaks gas kills the arc room PC control survey, person who leak calculate, form, measure the intersection of database and built-in the intersection of China and nearly all vacuum, kill arc the intersection of measurement and the intersection of curve and complete input of room, protect the circuit technical parameter: Measure the range: 1* 10-5- 1* 10-1Pa measures the error: 1* 10-4- 1* 10-1Pa measures the relative resolution ratio: 10-5 Pa external dimension: 455* 330* 250 Mm allows the ring degree: 0 ¡æ- 55 ¡æ air humidity: <85%RH??:AC220±10%

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