LD-613 intellectual cable trouble tester

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LD-613 cable trouble tester is that a style produced according to different user's needs is extremely portable, mix a seriation cable trouble that the notebook computer tests and test one of the products. The host computer adopts totally integrated technology, performance is steady, USB communication interface, use the note-book power. A whole set of system meets " DL/T849.1- DL/T849.3-2004 " common technological terms of specialized tester of electric apparatus of the electric sector standard in the People's Republic of China, this system from notebook computer, test whether whether it is systematic host computer and localization of fault appearance three part to make up, the test of all kinds of troubles for electric cable, the cable route, cable bury seeking examining and daily maintenance management of the cable archive materials of depth underground, and the accurate test of the trouble of open circuit, shorting out of coaxial communication cable and local call cable. Adaptive pulse width, do not need to choose, improve and test the precision. Sampling frequency: Five kinds 6.25MHz, 12.5MHz, 25MHz, 50MHz, 100MHz. Test the resolution ratio of software is 0.5 meters, realize and reject and compare with and handle the wave form, reduce the error. Adopt USB interface communication and direct current to supply power directly. Electric current <260mA. Data collector 208* 40* 50mm, weight 0.5Kg, a pack of types are extremely portable in design. Technical indicator: 1, All kinds of troubles of all kinds of testable voltage grade, different sections, different medium and electric cables of different materials, including: Open a way, short out, low and hinder, hinder letting out, high holding in place with a net trouble of hindering flashing high. Can measure the speed that the electric wave propagates in any known cable of the length. The testable cable moves towards and buries the depth underground. 2,The software realizes the trouble is searched for automatically, the distance reveals automatically, one pair of verniers can be precise as to 0.5 meters to move, have improved and tested the precision. 3,Very arbitrary compression of wave form that tests, expanding, with rejecting revealing two are closer to the standard wave form and offerrer your comparative analysis at random, reduce the error. 4,Mix the notebook computer, can realize, have online service alone, work, test, miss neither. 5,Test the distance: Not smaller than 40km to test from (the blind area) shortest : 10-15 meters of accurate fixed errors: ¡À 0.2m tests the error: Systematic error is smaller than ¡À1% tubes Pay attention to: The cable buries the route underground and is distributed the sketch map. Users manage the detailed files of the materials of all cables in the area: Including cable distribution map, serial number, initial position, bury depth and time underground, the intersection of cable and medium, the intersection of splice and position, maintenance record and trouble produce reason, experiment report, the intersection of cable and the intersection of test and the intersection of person who record and information.

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