Great tension control apparatus of enterprise

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The branch company of Co., Ltd. continent of great electrician's systematization of enterprise of Taiwan: Space court electrician systematization Co., Ltd. of Shanghai, enterprise's great tension control synchronization control CH-SYS CHIH HORNG TC-614 TC-608P TRC-406T TRC-416T TC-606 DRC-607 TC-608 TC-607 T C-601 TC-600 FBC-812 A/A-866 E/Pconverter VA-816 POB/POC TC-6068 TC-6088 TC-610 DC-600 SC-406S RSC-406S RSC-406 RSC-416 GC-502 DRC-410 DRC-415 WJ-PID DT-300 J50S LVDT AMP LOAD CELL AMP Italian LIKA Coder taken the place of permanently Pay attention to lika carre italy ROTAPLUS ROTACOD LINEPULS LINECOD rich field electrical machinery FUTUKA Germany halstrup walcher velocity of flow controls EMA-160 EMA-150 PU82R P82R DP PS-18

The space court electrician systematization Co., Ltd. of Shanghai is a wholly-owned continent branch company of great electrician systematization Co., Ltd. of enterprise of Taiwan.

In 1988, the great people of the enterprise began the integration devoted to the automatic control system to plan and design and make, research and develop high function automatic tension control system and synchronous linkage control device which accord with market demand by oneself, according to the customer's requirement, accept research and development and manufacture of the specialized automatic control products. Meanwhile, the company still acts for advanced end instrument and automatic control component imported in America and Europe.

In 2002, space court electrician systematization Co., Ltd. of Shanghai of branch company was established formally at enterprise's great electrician's continent, indicate the enterprise is great to move towards the broader market, the space court will inherit the principle that consumers first too, market-oriented, offer a series of all-round services such as researching and developing, making, sale, technological cooperation and automated system integration,etc. to the masses of customers.

Service content:

1. Italian LIKA Coder

In 1997, enterprise's great electrician obtained the Italian LIKA Coder permanent exclusive power represent of Asia, become the Asian only cooperative partner of LIKA.

2. Enterprise's great CH-SYS tension control, synchronization control

Enterprise's great electrician (CHIH HORNG) Independent for products, including digital type proportion synchronism /the same period /tension linked control system, various types of tension set the material free / coil the high accuracy control system, the intersection of interval and control system, tension sensor,etc..

3. The intersection of wind pressure and the intersection of air flow and velocity of flow, HALSTRUP WALCHER of Germany, gauge and control the series

1992, the enterprise is great to obtain the power represent of Germany halstrup walcher, the products including gas pressure / flowrate / velocity of flow gauging device, gauging device of differential pressure,etc..

4. Rich field electrical machinery FUTUKA of Taiwan

The masterpieces of Taiwan

5. Technological cooperation, system combination

The court electrician of space of Shanghai wishes to develop with all partners cooperatively and meet automatic control products and automated system integration of market demand
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