Activated carbon filter screen, activated carbon network

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The coarse pore sponge gauze filter is trepanned soft bubbles ordinarily and processed by the V Visualization of network. The V Visualization of network has removed the original facial film or wall membrane between the foam networks, have got the skeleton net structure of body. The void percentage of this kind of cellular plastics is up to 97%, have excellent air permeability, good flexibility and higher mechanical strength. Steep and filter materials with the network, the small and high advantage of leaching rate of having resistance to flow. Can filtrate particle diameter in the particle of 15UM effectively. Bubbles of the network have a lot of special uses, are for example used as filtering material, fuel fuel tank filled composite and fabric work material,etc.. Regarding bubble of the network as the skeleton can produce a lot of new functional material, such as netted pottery, netted metal and netted activated carbon,etc.. In addition, the bubbles of the network are easy to wash clean, can use repeatedly. It is a kind of multi-functional and economic filtration material, are used in the filters of industrial production, vehicle and civil apparatus extensively. Can the intersection of root and the intersection of Ju and client requirement make the intersection of inflaming retarding and dandy gauze filter at the same time.

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