Automatic note lipoprotein device of spring loaded

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Automatic note lipoprotein device of spring loaded

From U.S.A. high-tech products - the intersection of handkerchief and automatic the intersection of note and lipoprotein device (Pulsarlube S inflates the line oiler of spring loaded backward) Sa . Pulsarlube S has an exquisite new design, this design feature is to contain a spring on the bottom of the lubricator, it one push into grease of lubricator, stock the hole up lubricant, then crowd downward to the conducting sleeve, enter the oil site. The ascendant piston moves and prevents the oil from dripping the possibility to appear because of gravity effect, and keep lubricant intact in the oil gun, thus prevent hardening of the grease, allow the lubricators to all evacuate their content.

The lubricator built-in piston is inserted, can prevent the oil from separating while keeping
Install rapidly ' Can fill with the oil in advance)
More reliable, more effective than any other traditional spring loaded lubricators
Easy and simple to handle
Design different dosage rate, are suitable for the use of any place

The magnitude of the products: ¦µ 67* 129(H) Mm grease capacity: 100 ml (90 grams)
Weight (fill with the lipoprotein) : 350g uses the ambient temperature: -From 23 ¡æ to 121 ¡æ
Export the whorl size: 1/4" Standard tube (whorl)

Please pay close attention to the North big straight Pulsarlube and ATS (ATS Electro-Lube International Inc.) of Shijiazhuang Series of products
1,Pulsarlube - American line oiler
Pulsarlube MSP automatic note lipoprotein device (MSP125 MSP250 MSP500)
Pulsarlube MS automatic lubricator (MS125 MS250 MS500)
Pulsarlube EX self-lubricated pump (EX125 EX250)
Pulsarlube C simple point lubricator (KLT100 KLT200)
Pulsarlube OL500 line oiler
The intersection of handkerchief and automatic the intersection of note and lipoprotein device - M Sa (KLT125 KLT250)
Automatic simple point lubricator of electrochemistry - Pulsarlube C (KLT100 KLT200)
The intersection of handkerchief and line oiler ML500 Sa (Pulsarlube ML500)
Variable automatic note lipoprotein device (KLT500 KLT1000)
KLT1500 line oiler [spring loaded ] (Pulsarlube S)
2,ATS(ATS Electro-Lube International Inc.) -Canadian line oiler
Micro-Luber line oiler (60ml)
Mini Mini-Luber lubricates the cup (125ml)
Budget-Luber automatic note lipoprotein device (250ml)
Jumbo-Luber self-lubricated pump (475ml)
MD125 electronic line oiler (125ml)
MD250 electronic line oiler (250ml)
MD500 automatic lubrication pump (500ml)
ULT125 electronic automatic lubricator
ULT250 electronic line oiler
ULT500 lubricates the pump electronically

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