5~8 kilometers of economy wireless monitoring aids

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The wireless image transmission system of VM-3005S water-proof type, adopt 1.0-1.3GHz (L-band) Or 2.4GHz (S frequency band) The wireless microwave of the frequency band comes to transmit wirelessly and control the video signal. Because of choosing higher frequency, and adopt FM (frequency modulation) Operating mode, have stronger interference-free characteristics, the picture is very clear and steady. VM-3005S adopts waterproofly and designs, has good water-proof performance, the frequency point is adjustable, it is convenient to employ, can avoid the frequency point of interference effectively; Take spacious (1.0- 1.3GHz, 2.4- 2.483GHz)s ,The variable range is big; The power amplifier is small, injure the characteristic such as being little to the human body, in addition the interface is transparent too, the wireless connected sum that controls is wired to control the resembling with extraordinary connection, the interface is common piecings (BNC, AV) ,Power the intersection of 220V and alternating current generally, can also want ball make to order the intersection of 12V and power or cooperate with solar energy wait for, supply power according to customer.For suitable of different occasions application, operating frequency of VM-3005S according to concrete to confirm with occasion by user usually. According to the transmissive characteristic of microwave, are especially suitable for carrying on the remote transmission over radio in the open place, such as Coast Line, step river across river, inconvenient sets of collinear road, oil field, mining area, prevent forest fires,etc. and among the floor when spacing relatively loud Residential Area, itself to wired a kind of expansion that control in some place.

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