Vaporized electromagnetic valve ZQDF

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Applicable superheated steam, hot water, water, air, vacuum,etc. of vaporized electromagnetic valve ZQDF [application area ]. Apply to the petrochemical industry, pharmacy, electric plating, steam pressing, siphon vacuum of the plastics, water plant etc. and realize energy-conserving and programme-controlled automation extensively. [Electromagnetic piston operation structure step by step directly of structural features ] A differential pressure Yes action message The fluid temperature of medium is reachable 220 ¡æ Have long performance life, stand in 20 to test for a long time Action message that can able to bear condensing certain condensed water too It is convenient for the valve cover to adopt the screw joint to remove and mount, maintain [Technical parameter ] parameter Type ZQDF-1ZQDF-2ZQDF-3ZQDF-4

Operating pressure (Mpa) -0.1- 1.6

The intersection of medium and the intersection of kind and the intersection of air, coal gas, vacuum,etc. and superheated steam, high-temperature the intersection of gas and water, oil, liquid high temperature water, oil

Medium temperature ( ¡æ) It is less than or equal to 180 and less than or equal to 60 and less than or equal to 220 to less than or equal to 60

Mains voltage AC220V other specifications can do the special order

Nominal size ( )152025324050

Discharge coefficient (Kv) 3.87.410.318.825.741

The power AC is less than or equal to 60VA DC and less than or equal to 50W [installs the size ] nominal open flange coupling of screw joint in DN directly

Flange size of physical dimension of physical dimension of the female screw thread


151/2 " 148921761309565464 - ¦Õ 14142

203/4 " 1489218115010575564 - ¦Õ 14162

251 " 14811021016011585654 - ¦Õ 14163

3211/4 " 182120221180140100764 - ¦Õ 18183

4011/2 " 182140230200150110844 - ¦Õ 18183

502 " 192162252230165125994 - ¦Õ 18203

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