Shake the tester independently

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Shake the tester independently

Series C are multi-functional and small-scale adopt the system firmly, light and handy, is divided into common and specialized two kinds model. Build signals and look after the module inside, can measure many kinds of signals, easy to carry, is suitable for the laboratory, outfield, bus to measure when the signal of various comprehensiveness in year; Build so that figure I/O and simulation are exported while collocating, a shelf that can be used for opening and closing the ring and controlled is tested.


TEDS is compatible, namely insert namely build On-line FAMOS module in quantity, can analyze in real time that mark and mix CAN bus, support flexible and reliable data such as ECU agreement KWP2000, CCP,etc. to store: Built-in hard disk, CF card, PC or network hard disk do not need PC, can run independently, but build in the apolegamy apparently and reject or connect revealing the unit is controlled (WLAN/ADSL/GPRS/UMTS) long-rangely Intellectual power, the distributed measurement that can guarantee to cut out and does not shut down instantly: Very a lot of one is networked and tests synchronously, or connect CANSAS and expand the synchronous way: DCF 77 / GPS/IRIG-B synchronous GPS geographical coordinate record


Light and handy, portable, CS/CL/CX three kinds of machine cases collect simulation to import, the figure is input, the counter is input, the figure is exported, simulation is exported, CAN bus is in two kinds of models of an organic whole: Common model
Allocating ten thousand can be measured with the module: Voltage, electric current, electric thermocouple, Pt100, electric bridge and ICP,etc., support the signals of different sensors to recuperate the specialized model
Allocate the specialized module and software, there are emergency stress testers, shake the noise analysis instrument, electric tester


Test a shelf and open and close the ring and control and counts and adopt car-mounted test in portable on-the-spot test
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