LD-620 relay protection tester

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LD-620 relay protection check gauge regards microprocessor as the core to control, adds the digital ammeter of high precision, can measure and check many kinds of technical parameters turned into apparatus of all kinds of relay protection of the distribution system, and mix with the sound and remind and operate, easy to operate, clear, easy characteristic of grasping etc.. Suitable for various high, low-voltage distribution systems' doing the new intellectual high-tech products of check-up of relay protection, adopt the international popular one piece microcomputer technology to measure the high-accuracy electricity with control technology and combine together, by means of its high-accuracy, high-performance measurement, to various electromagnetisms type, movement voltage, returning to voltage, movement electric current, returning to the electric current, time of charging and discharging of coincident floodgate of commutating type, transistor type, integrated circuit type relay, and movements, the time of returning test and check-up. Technical indicator: Exchange the electric current: 0- 20A- 50A- 150A (can reach 200A to the greatest extent) ; Exchange the voltage: 0- 250V( 1A) ; Direct electric current: 0- 0.2A- 5A (most greatly support 4¦¸) ; The direct current is pressed: B way: 0- 300V( 1A) A way: 0- 300V( 1A) ; The measurement of electric consumption: 3 1/2 of the digital voltmeters / ampere meters, precision 0.5% RDG¡À and a word; Working voltage: AC220v¡À 10%; Time measurement: 0- 999.99S precision: ¡À 0.01S; Power: 1500W; Volume: It is (long and 440* wide and 420* 200 high) mm3; Weight: 22KG.

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