Undervoltage electric energy measuring apparatus detector of Model DM212

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The undervoltage electric energy measuring apparatus detector of Model DM212: This product is suitable for measuring the test of the undervoltage electric energy measuring apparatus. Suitable for the electric energy at the same time and display the relevant requirement for the field check gauge. The products set up the production reference standard of the conduct to correspond to and accord with the national canonial relevant requirement. The measuring apparatus test function characteristic of electric energy is as follows, can pass the global error of the high-current tong-type ammeter direct measurement undervoltage electric energy measuring apparatus matched; Elementary error of the electric energy meter of measurable quantity; Electric energy measuring apparatus CT transformation ratio of measurable quantity; Can measure 2- 21 subharmonics of secondary circuit; Can measure the binding error of secondary circuit; Can measure the intersection of three-phase and the strategic hinterland of China, the intersection of three-phase and the intersection of four-wire system and electric current, voltage, phase place, frequency, power ' Gain merit, reactive, apparent) , power factor, to the magnitude relation picture,etc.. Advantage: 1, The instrument adopts the insulating antidetonation casing, small, light, convenient scene to carry. 2,Various parameter information adopt the large screen LCD to reveal. Display screen and terminal base, socket, keyboard integral, it is convenient for scene to carry and operate. 3,Current input has direct input and gates that input two ways, while adopting the gate input mode, 5A electric current pincers precision is 0.1 grades, 1000A electric current pincers precision is 0.2 grades. 4,The three-phase voltage of the direct display / electric current rms value, active power / reactive power / power factor / frequency / phase relation. 5,Differentiate the wrong interstar connection of her three-phase four-wire electric energy meter of the three-phase the strategic hinterland of China, and reveal the wrong position. 6,Check-up electric energy meter more error ' Three-phase the strategic hinterland of China, three-phase four-wire, gaining merit, idle work, induction type, electronic formula, and various types of single-phase electric energy meter, celctric card type electric energy meter,etc.) 7,Voltage sample adopt high impedance ' Greater than or equal to 20 k¦¸) The surface insulating fastener designed links TV secondary voltage or low-voltage line to arrange. 8,The instrument is except that the measuring terminal supplies power, also there is 220V accessory power supply. Facilitate and use under many kinds of occasions. 9,Allocate relevant attachments such as button-type photoelectric sampler, pulse fastener,etc.. The interface of pulse can sample the electric energy meter LED pulse of the electronic formula, active, passive photosensitive resister output pulse. Output interface of active high-frequency impulse. Pulse input and output interface adopt the standard signal interface ' Mix the probe signal line of ondoscope) . 10,Dual power supply: Namely the auxiliary AC supply or on-the-spot measuring terminal takes advantage of the electricity. Please land the official site about the detailed introduction of Model DM212 products: http://www.zoro-zoco.com

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