Water injection hole sealing device of mining slip-casting

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Automatic hole sealing device of water injection of mining slip-casting

First, summary
FKT-65/5, fkt-73 type (old type ZF type) Unless it is can't polymorphous it is mining note it is chemical thick liquid hole sealing, it is last MA to authorize to obtain by coal already,comprehensive to if you can't adopt by surface, fire prevention along lane slip-castings empty, the rock wall of roof plate strengthens security personnel, waterproof, prevent the slurry from being revealed, strengthen reliability, lower costs, increase the benefit. High, simple to use to have compressive strength, the hole sealing is effectual. Suitable for the chemical raw materials of note, the high molecular material slurry.
Coal Ann's card number: MA1080015MA1080016
Also used in the underground antileakage of project building and construct.
Used in the tunnel to exploit, the underground and casting underwater.
Swelling range 50-150 of the external diameter 30-130mm applicable aperture

Mark out the type, hole sealing pressure, the hole sealing diameter, length Jining (Yan ore) while ordering Three strength electromechanical technical industry limited company

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