Excellent price Model WTL-A100 moment limiting device of a little special electron in Yichang

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The moment limiting device leading particulars of the Model WTL-A100 is as follows: First, adopt civil 220VAC and industry 380VAC two kinds of specification power input, Living adaptive capacity is strong, the intersection of control loop and output node can adopt 220VAC and two of 380VAC at the same time. Second, inside adopt the module power to combine with the voltage transformer, instrument stability and antijamming capability are strong, can be by solving the damage to the instrument of over load accidentally better. Third, inside adopt the circuit design of light-coupled isolation, isolate display circuit and signal circuit, solve the course of acquisition of signal and receive the outside suddenly strongly and interfere with the influence to instrument display. Fourth, instrument adopt 8 inches of nixie tubes to reveal, the luminance is high, reveal strikingly. The instrument adopts the iron chassis, there is certain shielding action on internal circuit, have improved the interference-free characteristic.

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