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VDO gas burning alarm equipment adopts the patented technology of our company, needn't take out the voltage transformer, cooperate with the nanometer sensor, the gas-fueled density of very responsive survey, when the density of gas burning reaches certain standard, the sound and light alarm of the probe, the valve control gas leakage of electromagnetic valve control, transmit the alarm signal to the warning centre at the same time.

The characteristic of the products:

Long life of the high stability

The hanging is installed

The alert feeling excludes from resetting automatically

Joinable exhaust fan, electromagnetic valve, mechanical arm

The electromagnetic valve can control the piped gas or bottled coal gas

The power supply mode is available

The output mode of the alarm signal is available

Technical parameter:

Working voltage: 12VDC/220VAC

Power consumption: Static behavior<1.3W; Call the police <1.7W

The gas of reaction: Natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, coal gas, carbon monoxide gas

Warning sound volume: Greater than or equal to 70dB/M

Call the police and export: Sound and light alarm; The sound and light alarm / normally open often stop signal is available

Work environment: -From 10 ¡æ to 45 ¡æ

Size: It is 110mm * 70mm * 36mm (long and * wide and * high)

After service: This product presents the quality problem to guarantee replacement in three months, guarantee in one year, the lifetime maintenance of the products. As to the thing that people are spoiled, consult with me in time, our factory offers maintenance-free to you. Welcome all enterprises and institutions, institutional purchasing! The price is favourable; Please contact us

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