Speed-adjustable motor of Panasonic

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Special distributor of China of my behavioral motor of Panasonic, have warehouse that is sold in Hong Kong, Shenzhen from stock.

The small-scale electrical machinery of Panasonic has the following characteristics: It is designed that with low noise, small-scale and heavy-duty, the type is abundant, durable and longe-lived. From 1W to 90W, the reduction ratio is from 1: 3 to 1: 2000. There are single-phase reaction motors, three-phase induction motor; The operating type continuously, reversible type; Braking type. Have combined MUS and MUX ' Digital display) Design. The details are as follows:

A reaction motor

Can operate and use the capacitor type reaction motor continuously, heavy-duty and with low noise.

Second, reversible type motor

The overshoot phenomenon will hardly take place to change instant positive and negatively and transfer to the function. Because adopt and equilibrate turn way and install the simple and easy brake mechanism inside. Can wink the time changeover rotate clockwise, reversal.

Third, electromagnetic brake motor

Can brake in short time, leave to brake while rotating for 2~4 when non-loaded, give play to the safe brake characteristic.

Fourth, change speed motor

It is wide to cooperate with the regulating range of speed controller: Adjust the velocity band 90~1400 and rotate at the time of the frequency 50 Hz, there are tachogenerators in inside, implement feedback control, so mains frequency changes, it stipulates the revolution is uniform.

Fifth, UL specification motor

The specification 60Hz115V of the power, 50/60Hz100V, installs inside preventing from two kinds the motor of the superheater and resistant motor of protection obtain UL specification and sanction the series: Series G

Power: 3W,6W,15W,25W,40W,60W,90W

Reduction ratio: 3, 3.6, 5, 6, 7.5, 9, 10, 12.5, 15, 18, 20, 25, 30, 36, 50, 60, 75, 90, 100, 120, 150, 180, 200,

Middle reducer: 10X

Voltage: L =100V,Q =110V,Y =200V,W =220V,G =230,CE =380V

M4: 42mm,M6:60mm,M7:70mm,M8:80mm,M9:90mm

1A: Operate continuously under 40W, 1C: 60-90W operates RA continuously: The reversible type under 40W, RC: 60-90W is reversible, MA: 25-40W three phases, MC: 60-90W three phases,

S: Circular shaft, G: Oblique gear shaft, GV: Speed governing, GB: Braking.

6W 15W 25W 40W 60W 90W

Induction type motor M61A6G4W M71A15G4W M81A25G4W M91A40G4W M91C60G4W M91C90G4W

Reversible type motor M6RA6G4W M7RA15G4W M8RA25G4W M9RA40G4W M9RC60G4W M9RC90G4W

Three-phase motor M8MA25G4Y M9MA40G4Y M9MC60G4Y M9MC90G4Y

The reversible type brakes motor M6RA6GB4W M7RA15GB4W M8RA25GB4W M9RA40GB4W M9RC60GB4W M9RC90GB4W

Three-phase braker motor M8MA25GB4Y M9MA40GB4Y M9MC60GB4Y M9MC90GB4Y

Speed governing motor M61A6GV4W M71A15GV4W M81A25GV4W M91A40GV4W M91C60GV4W M91C90GV4W

Reversible type speed governing motor M6RA6GV4W M7RA15GV4W M8RA25GV4W M9RA40GV4W M9RC60GV4W M9RC90GV4W

Speed governing brakes motor M6RA6GBV4W M7RA15GBV4W M8RA25GBV4W M9RA40GBV4W

Combined speed governing motor MUS606GW MUS715GW MUS825GW MUS940GW MUS960GW MUS990GW

Speed governing motor MUX606GW MUX715GW MUX825GW MUX940GW MUX960GW MUX990GW of the digital display

Match the deceleration machine M6GA3-180M(B) M7GA3-180M(B) M8GA3-180M(B) M9GA3-180M(B) M9GC3-200M M9GC3-200B

M9GD3-200M M9GD3-200B

M9GS50-200M M9GS50-200B

Middle deceleration machine M6GA10XM M7GA10XM M8GA10XM M9GA10XM M9GC10XB

Combined speed governing motor MUS606GW MUS715GW MUS825GW MUS940GW MUS960GW MUS990GW

Motor type M61A6GD4W1 M71A15GD4W1 M81A25GD4W1 MU91A40GD4W1 M91C60GD4W1 M91C90GD4W1

Speed controller type DVUS606W1 DVUS715W1 DVUS825W1 DVUS940W1 DVUS960W1 DVUS990W1

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