Intellectual monitor of the direct current power supply

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Blue Science & Technology Co., Ltd. full of trees of Xinxiang of Henan, it is one that is specialized in and developed, development, produce, sell the electricity with high-frequency switch direct-flow power module, direct current power supply monitor system, direct-flow power cabinet and high-tech enterprise that the electricity fire controlled the alarm equipment. " blue science and technology full of trees " Have batch outstanding skilled personnel's colony and first-class product development and experiment platform, " blue science and technology full of trees " A plurality of products of company were successively appraised as " The new high-tech product " ,It is Henan Province " The new high-tech enterprise " LSK4 type medium and small system our company medium and small capacity system and design under the 200Ah specially: The system adopts integrated design philosophy, by high-frequency the intersection of switch and power module, main monitoring unit, direct-flow monitoring unit, insulating the intersection of polling and Entrance and the intersection of battery and the intersection of polling and Entrance ' But apolegamy) Make up; Group simple in construction rejects and helps, rejects the low grade characteristic of the cost in the group; The main monitoring unit adopts LCD Chinese character menu display, with perfect function to system supervisory and control and battery automatic management, have four distant RS232 interface with the connectionist implementation of automated system.

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