Valve stop valve of corrugated pipe

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Department Len's valve corrugated pipe valve is: National standard corrugated pipe discharge gate, U.S.A. marks the discharge gate of corrugated pipe, national standard corrugated pipe stop valve, U.S.A. marks the stop valve of corrugated pipe, Germany marks the stop valve of corrugated pipe, whorl corrugated pipe stop valve WJ11, WJ61, corrugated pipe stop valve WJ61Y of forging and pressing, angle type corrugated pipe stop valve WJ44/64, angle type low-temperature corrugated pipe stop valve DWJ44H, open flow corrugated pipe stop valve WJ45, national standard, Germany mark the discharge gate WZ41, WJ41/43H, WJ21H of corrugated pipe, the material of products valve bodies such as series W, WJ44, WJ67, WJ11, WJ541, WJ45, WZ41W/H,etc. is as follows, cast steel, stainless steel, forged steel. Maximum operation pressure 1.6-10MPA, marking from 150LB-600LB. Operating temperature - C-425C one degree of valve bore of 20 degrees is from DN15-DN600. Material: Stainless steel, casting key link, casting iron, forged steel, aluminum alloy, A105, 316, 304. Connection mode: Flange, silk mouth or welding. The products are applied to the water treating equipment extensively, chemical industry equipment, petrochemical industry apparatus, petroleum apparatus, papermaking apparatus, mining apparatus, electric equipment matching, liquefied gas apparatus, food apparatus, pharmacy apparatus, giving to drainage facility, municipal valve, mechanical equipment valve, electronics industry valve, the intersection of urban construction and valve, industrial the intersection of pipeline and valve, spare part in common use, commercial installation, the intersection of fire control and the intersection of warm put through, central air conditioner, filter, apparatus,etc. and field. Body parameter, the details please see: Tel.: 13961777184

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