Inner liner copper composite pipe of seamless steel pipe

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" all letter Kang Yuans " Brand seamless steel pipe inner liner titanium ( Copper) Composite pipe

Product introduction

The seamless steel pipe inner liner titanium composite pipe that our company produces employs the new technical equipment, adopt spinning to compound the titanium composite pipe of inner liner of new generation of technology research and development of the patent.

The seamless steel pipe inner liner titanium composite pipe was compounded by skin seamless steel pipe or welded steel pipe and internal layer titanium tube. It should accord with API Spec 5L regulation requirement that it should accord with GB/T3091-2008, pipeline tube that the skin seamless steel pipe should accord with GB/T8163-2008 regulation requirement, welded steel pipe, the material, thickness are confirmed according to the withstand voltage.

This product, through carrying on optimal combination of titanium tube and skin steel tube of the internal layer, the inner liner titanium tube guarantees mediums do not receive the secondary pollution, adopt the spinning composite technology to produce, have guaranteed products internal and external tubes bonding strength are greater than 0.4MPa. The connection mode is welded for the flange connected sum.

Enterprises have automatic production line of 23 spinning laws at present, produce ¦Õ 22 - inner liner titanium composite pipe of 6-12 meters of ¦Õ 820's specification, the productivity reaches 80,000 tons. From save resource, lower costs and save at the manpower forming, having, reducing, producing energy consumption, structural pattern of product of new generation to strengthen overall performance products. The products can be used in fields such as petroleum, chemical industry, electricity, metallurgy, food, medicine,etc. extensively, quality is stable and reliable, detection means is complete, are trusted by users.

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